ARC is an intimate space created for individuals to come and practice Pilates, develop a deeper connection with their bodies, and to help motivate and encourage people in their health and wellness journey.


We offer beginner/newbie and intermediate/advanced Pilates mat classes. The Mat classes help you gain a better understanding of how to control your body creating long lean muscles, improving mobility, and shaping functional postural changes.


Barre is a blend of Pilates principles (breathing, posture, control) and ballet principles designed as a fast paced workout focused on high-repetitions to move and shape the body. This routine targets the whole body and increase your mind and body connection.


The Reformer class will add another dimension to your Pilates practice. With its dynamic fluid movement, combined with the element of resistance you are faced with a great full body workout.


Private and Semi-Private instruction are offered at ARC Studio in Kuwait. Perfect for those clients looking for personalized attention and to focus on specific movement and/or physical goal (strength, flexibility, weight loss, rehabilitation etc).

ARC (Articulate, Recruit, Control)

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